Humanity isn’t just a word!

Since I saw the barbaric PH video of the gruesome lynching of those alleged thieves, I’ve not being able to think straight. It beats my mind how humans can be so inhuman.

In my opinion & in the opinion of any human being who possesses the barest minimum of morality in him, nothing can & should warrant such brutish act.
My sympathy even goes to the unholy spectators who watched & cheered with glee

. It only reminds me of the ancient Romans and the bloody gladiator fights.

And to think that such is happening in a part of the country where everyone loathes the Northerners (though they are misguided in the use of this generic term) & the monstrous acts carried out in the region calling ‘them’ all sorts of gross names and now I wonder if this case is any different from the happenings in this region.

In the end, there are neither good Christians nor bad Christians; good Muslims nor bad Muslims; not even with regard to tribe or ethnicity or of race. 
We only have good people or bad people and these murderers are BAD people even worse than the thieves themselves.

✩ Spy-catcher.™Hum


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