UNN, 2010 LAW CLASS Graduation

We picked up our whites & all dat legal stuff dat’s supposed

to help us remember the good old days.

But some of the things dat u remember most can’t be put on paper.

Dat D-day finally came & u sat there with all the friends dat

u’ve made over the past five yrs in the same hall.

U remembered ur family & how proud they’ll be

knowing u’ve achieved your dream.

U knew that this was once in a lifetime moment,

It was the last time in ur life that all these people would be

together in one place.

Yeah, there’ll be reunion, but there was always a chance

dat one person wouldn’t make it there.

U looked back on ur time with these people & realized it was all

short-lived & that it didn’t seem as if there was enough time for everything

that u wanted to accomplish–sports, activities (class party, class album, picnic, mooting…lol)

and all dat good stuff.

And then it was time for project defense & then Law school calls.

And then u said goodbye…maybe to ur village first

& then school & then ur friends.

U know u can go back and visit, but in a few yrs time, u

know there’ll be strangers everywhere, sitting on the sits u once sat on

& ‘crawling’a ll over the classes u once ‘crawled’

It’s different…but it’s not the end.

In fact, everything is just beginning…


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