1. Remember it’s not the end of the world (End of the world will come in a more horrible form)

2. Treat yourself but make sure its indoors, this is to avoid seeing people pairing themselves and the misty eyes dat might follow.

3. Don’t get in touch with your ex (but if u don’t have, like me.. just don’t call any of your friends that are hooked up. in fact avoid phone calls)

4. Tell yourself that being in a relationship is evil…(especially if u have been hurt before)

5. Stop torturing yourself, its not your fault (u didn’t create yourself)

6. Spend time with others, this includes and is limited to old people, your pet (teddy bear inclusive) or just anybody that is single like u and prolly think Val day should be scrapped.

7. Go to church or mosque or wherever u hold sacred and pray. Thank God for the joys of singlehood and the simplicity and freedom it brings. (He knows best)

But should none of this work? then just cry.

Yes, cry!!



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