Mary Turner

They came to Africa and took us away, saying we are inferior beings.

How could they even say we are barbaric and have beastly traditions that are evident of how much of an animal we are?

Who are the animals here? who chained their fellow men and forced them to live like dogs? Image


I read the story of Mary Turner, its worse than the ALUU 4 we have been yelling about. It exposes who the real animals are. it should be d most brutal lynch act ever done in history. How brutal can it get wen u tie a pregnant woman upside down on a tree and then set her on fire, u use a knife to rip her stomach open, while she is alive and burning, the unborn 8 month child falls off with a cry and u bruise it with ur heels and still spray d young girl with bullets to seal of ur barbarism with style and everybody claps hailing d triumph of white supremacy over d alleged inferiority of d black skin. The media gives it thumbs up invalidating why a young black woman should question the lynching of her young husband… invalidating why a woman should cry out over the unjust killing of her husband. What is more evil?

>>>>Racism? Nothing is more stupid.<<<<<


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