ImageWhat if she is no more a virgin?
What if she is a whore?
What if she bleaches her skin to whatever color she wants?
What if she got pregnant without having a wedding?
What if he loves tattoos and got one?
What if he loves wearing ear rings and dreads?
What if he or she prefers to bump pelvises with others of the same sex?

   — they will burn in some raging inferno near Siberia right? Yeah, just like you—

Everyone seems to have a pretty good idea of what is an acceptable behavior for other people in this our society. We are quick to condemn what other people are doing “wrong” because we either aren’t doing them or are so able to conceal them from others in order to look impeccable and peacefully carry on with our business of judging others in a boss way. And we fail to realize that judging how others choose to live their lives in turn reduces the quality of our own lives.

So your neighbor is gay? What wrong does that do to you? Does the fact that he or she humps a person of the same sex prevent you from humping a person of the opposite sex? Does it remove money from your pockets? Or that puts your life in some kinda risk uh?

— and don’t forget that gay also means happy… Yeah, you should now check your dictionary—

Sometimes I ask my self what possible reward will I get by hating and condemning other fellows for the way they choose to behave, especially where such behavior does not cause harm to me or to other members of the society.
Really should I condemn this my neighbor because they kill and eat dogs almost every weekend just because I see dogs as pets and not food?

  — and they love cows as pets, but I eat them everyday so effing what?—

I know Cynthia, she loves children but hates the idea of “marriage”, does that now mean having children is not allowed for her? She may not cohabit with a willing partner too? I also know she loves sex a lot and almost always horny, why will it offend me that she is not a virgin. Why will it offend me that the best way for her to explore her sexuality is through masturbation? Should I have a say in how my friend decide to use her body?

No doubt you have read some books that encourages you to worry about her lifestyle haven’t you? or you, who are too lazy to read have been told to somehow ignore the trend in these books, that at some point these books sanctioned certain behaviors that you now abhor or you never read that sometime ago men were somehow justified for rape? Or that non-virgin brides were stoned to death for breaking their hymen before their wedding? Or that slavery was normal? What about misogyny?

All am saying is that If you lived in those times, those practices would have been normal to you as well and if you happened to still be alive in these generation, you would also come to accept that those things needed change and have indeed changed.
Its all cultural and culture evolves, same thing happens to our laws, they evolve.
The world will never ever wait for you so why sweat yourself over what your neighbor is doing now.

    –He/she is not wrong, you are not right either –

Indeed these rules have changed with time, still so and another form of justification was and is still being given for the changes. That is why you now feel no guilt touching your wife or girlfriend when she is in her “unclean” period.
Don’t you even notice the changes now from when you were born? Fast-forward  150 years from now and imagine how much would have changed. Who knows weddings might be extinct, at least that’s what I can imagine.

You are free to live by the prescriptions of whatever rule of faith you abide by but you have no right moral or whatsoever to condemn or stigmatize those who do not conform to your fallible beliefs.
It is only people who are able to distinguish their real desires and fashion their way of life differently from the ones manufactured for them are able to lead fulfilling lives.
Your life’s journey is different from theirs, so concentrate on yours before nature forces you to stop at 2 bus stops before your final destination.

This is James and if you could read my “lips” well (even though I know your emotional state right now won’t let u) you will understand that I have not endorsed or otherwise any form of behavior or habit. I’m only saying that you should either mind yourself or kill yourself.


      — Even if you are still a virgin or have holiness entrusted upon you, you maybe a judgmental prick and that means we are all heading to the same inferno at Siberia eventually–

For me I’d rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by beliefs, prejudices and ignorance.


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